How To Ace Banking Awareness Paper In Competitive exams

If you have attended any bank exams by now, you may know that there will be questions from banking awareness, economy that are very crucial in making or breaking your dreams of becoming a Bank officer at any of the public sector banks in India. Almost every test related to bank jobs carries a sufficient weight of marks coming from banking awareness and economy topics, some will be even for 40 marks. These 40 marks will be crucial, if you can score these 40 marks easily then your chances of becoming a bank officer will rise by 25%. With that in mind we are going to discuss how you can easily get this mark with ease.

What to expect

As we have said earlier there will be 40 marks for banking awareness topics so we need to know where these 40 marks questions come from. It will be mainly from current affairs, financial awareness, banking terminologies, insurance principles and general knowledge. You have to mainly focus on these areas when you are preparing for taking notes to study for exams. Every subtopic in these topics will carry 5-6 marks each in the question paper.

Current affairs

One of the most important subtopics in banking awareness as it contains 6-7 marks in every exam. Good thing about these marks is they can easily be obtained if you do some good research and take notes and study properly. You need to study everything and another good thing is if you are preparing for other government exams, these will be easy marks as every exam there will be questions from these parts. Give importance to the last six months current affairs, mostly regarding banking sectors and trade.

Financial Awareness

Financial awareness questions are there to analyse your understanding about financial knowledge, questions like functions of foreign banks, section 14 of banking regulation act deals with etc are to be expected.  These are also easy marks and with doing some mock tests and previous years paper study you can easily get these.

Banking Terminologies

Banking terminology is analysed with these topic questions like What is repo rate, reverse repo rate, CRR, Statutory Liquidity Ratio, Bitcoins, call money are all asked most of the time. If you have knowledge about these then it can be easily answered as most of these subjects are studied by commerce graduates.

 Insurance Principles and General knowledge

Questions of this subject are to analyse how good you are with principles of Insurance and general knowledge Questions like central office of Lic located, full form of ULIP, Which insurance companies slogan is Prithvi, Agni, Jal, Akash Sabki Suraksha Hamare Paas? Are asked.  This is one area where many students fail to score marks, get confused and get negative marks. Be careful with these topics and always read questions with focus so you wont end up losing marks.

Take Notes

While reading newspapers, always try to take notes when you see some news regarding banking and financial books for banking awareness need to be purchased and studied. Regularly update your knowledge as there will be new changes happening in banking sectors. Questions like who is  current RBI Governors changes in a few years.