How To Boost Your Websites Visibility In 2020

Website visibility is crucial for the longevity of the business and can help to grow it in the future. However, with so many elements needing to be combined to optimise google search results and come out ahead of competitors, it requires a vast amount of planning. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that you can boost visibility in 2020.

Improve Site Loading Speed

One of the easiest ways to improve your website’s visibility is to optimise your site loading speed. If your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, you are likely to experience a high bounce rate as a result. This is because a slow loading speed will mean that a majority of customers are likely to click off and find what they need elsewhere. By enlisting the help of SEO companies to do this will help to run site audits and ensure that it is completed properly.

Improve Site Navigation

In addition to improving the loading speed of the site, it is important to focus on the navigation and the way that potential customers interact. This will also help to limit the bounce rate and optimise the user experience. In return, your website will be easier for Google bots to crawl, making it stand out against competitors and rank higher as a result. This will also aid other changes made as part of an SEO strategy as the website will operate seamlessly.

Optimise For Keywords

When the site has been fixed, it will allow you to make content and optimise it by creating fully optimised content. Whether this is the website on the landing page or the content in a blog, this can help to fully optimise the website and boost Google rankings. By creating content that is optimised, you can improve Google ranking whilst providing answers for customers with the information that they need on either products or services.

Fix Broken Links

In addition to keywords and content on your site, making use of external links can help to build a back-link profile and improve Google SERP rankings. However, it is important to ensure that you have optimised these links to remove any broken links. Should these links remain in the backlink profile, this can affect the ranking of your website as a result. Therefore, either removing them from the profile or replacing them will help you to maintain a strong Google ranking.

Optimise For Mobile Devices

The final way that you can boost website visibility is optimising for mobile devices. With over 50% of searches taking place on mobile devices, Google has implemented mobile-first indexing. This means that websites with a mobile version will automatically be ranked higher than those that don’t. This can benefit your site and can even aid in getting your website ranked against competitors.

With this in mind, there are many ways that you can continue to optimise your business and its website to reach new heights with the marketing efforts. Which of these will you be implementing within your business?

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