How to Make YourApple Leather Watch Straps Last Longer

Just like any other jewelries and accessories,Apple leather watch straps should also be tended for as itcan wrinkle, crease, and even crack if it is not maintained and carefully taken care of. That is why as beginners in the watch collection, you should always handle this with care because no matter how expensive an Apple leather watch strap is, it does not make it indestructible.

To help prolong your Apple leather watch band’s life span, we have curated a list of tips below.Take all these helpful hacks and tips into your heart and you’ll be surprised to see how your leather watch straps will last longer!  

Regularly cleaning and maintaining

Leather is a durable yet complex material. This is why cleaning and conditioning of Apple leather watch straps should be taken seriously to keep them in good condition.

Without regular maintenance, the material will be rough and dry. This will in return cause more problems like rips, tears, and other irreversible damages. So make it a habit to find time and clean your Apple leather watch straps. Simply polish the straps with a damp lint-free cloth, let them dry naturally, and then apply a leather conditioner. It will only take a few minutes of your time! You can also visit your local repair and maintenance shop from time to time to get professional aftercare.

Alternating watch straps.

Give your watch straps a rest! Just like training or running shoes, you should have a rotation of Apple watch bands to help them last longer. It prevents the bands from being worn in weeks on the trot.

You might think that having another set of Apple watch straps is an added cost but at the end of the day, it will save you more money. By alternating your watch straps, you do not have to change them frequently or repeatedly visit a watch repair shop to get them fixed.Although, not everyone has the budget to shop for an extra pair of straps, but if you can, it’s worth the investment.

Storing properly

Moisture and heat are the major enemies of your Apple leather watch bands.This is why it is immensely important to choose the right storage place for your bands.

For leather materials, you must store your straps away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and discoloration. Moreover, avoid exposing the leather straps to excessive heat to prevent shrinking. If you happen to store your watch straps in tightly closed compartments such as safety or jewelry boxes – place it on a blue silica gel to prevent a build-up of moisture which can cause the leather straps to crack.

How to Properly Clean Your Apple Leather Watch Bands

Regular cleaning is the simplest yet most crucial method to maintain the integrity and longevity of your Apple leather watch bands. However, doing this on your own for the first time might be daunting. Leather is a sensitive material after all. But there is no need to stress out because we have prepared a bit-by-bit guide on how to correctly do it.

1. Remove the dust. Wipe off the debris and other collected dirt before cleaning. You can use a microfiber lint-free cloth to accomplish this step. Make sure to be gentle as possible when doing this to prevent scratches on the material.  

2. Use a gentle soap. Dampen the fabric with fresh water and a small amount of soap. Make sure to avoid highly corrosive cleaning solutions. Slowly rub the damp fabric on the bands in a circular motion. Repeat this process for each strap until there are no longer dirt residues.

If you want a more professional alternative, you can look for specially made leather cleaning solutions in the market.

3. Squeeze the residue. After thoroughly cleaning, use another cloth dampened with water to wipe off the soap residue from the Apple leather watch bands. Do not oversoak the cloth with water, as it will leave stains on the leather.

4. Let it dry. Don’t even think about using a hairdryer to speed up the process! The only safest way to dry the leather watch bands is through the natural process ━ leave them overnight to dry.  

5. Apply a leather conditioner. Finish the regimen by applying a leather conditioner to enhance the patina and add another layer of protection for your strap. Conditioners come in various forms such as cream, wax, or oil.

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