How to Ship Musical Instruments (Store)

Shipping Musical Instruments (Store) is one of the most difficult shipping activities. There are few things to consider before you ship your musical instruments. Go Freight Hub provides 3pl services for all sorts of goods to provide you the best services.

Musical instruments can easily be damaged during transport if not handled with due care and precautions. One must understand that it is about an expensive item which you are going to ship, hence it becomes necessary to take some extra care while packing them. On this page we will explain how to pack Musical Instruments for Shipping Store safely, especially if they are valuable items requiring insurance cover.

This information may also help musicians who want to send their instrument by courier or shipping company without any hassle. We have simply written what musicians normally need when planning shipping musical instruments store. It is practical advice on how to pack Musical Instruments, which you may find useful.

Please note that shippers like FedEx, UPS and DHL do not accept musical instruments package if it is oversize (too big for the box). If you are shipping your instrument with one of them then make sure you get a custom quote first. You would be surprised how cheap they can be!

Shipping Musical Instruments Store has become very easy these days with companies like FexEd offering great services. There are so many online stores in US where musicians can find all kinds of musical instruments easily, especially if they ship internationally to most countries of the world.

Nowadays there are few options available when it comes to shipping Musical Instruments in bulk internationally i.e in cases where an organization or school has sent numerous items to other countries.

Please note that the music instruments should be packed well enough so as to prevent any damage during transit. They must also have proper documentation so as to ensure clearance by custom. Shipping Musical Instruments Store requires lot of patience, and you need to go through all the terms and conditions of courier or shipping company before undertaking this task.

Shipping Musical Instruments is quite different from shipping furniture, electronic products etc. simply because they are delicate in nature and needs utmost care while transporting them across the borders.

1) Packaging musical instruments for shipment store:

Prepare your item for shipment either by yourself or take it to a professional packaging service (consult your local dealer). Packaging materials required for Musical Instrument include padding material (for protection of instrument), corrugated boxes, Instrument flight cases, bubble wrap, foams etc.

2) Packing Musical Instruments for Shipping Store:

When you are sending the musical instruments by courier or shipping company then one needs to pack them very carefully till they reach their destination. The following points will help in packing musical instruments for shipping store safely

 a) Make sure there is no direct contact between fret board and strings while shipping guitars. You can use some bubble wraps or cloth if required while packing your guitar inside the case. However, it all depends on condition of your item also which determines this precautionary step.

 b) Try not to ship any type of plucked stringed instrument with bow attached. This is because during transportation, bow can easily snap or break due to the pressure of other items in the box.

c) If you are planning to send violins by courier store then make sure they are packed well enough to prevent any damage during transit. Pack each instrument separately; if there is any chance of one instrument getting damaged then it would be better to take them up with professional packing service rather than shipping musical instruments store.

d) Make sure that all free edges (like fret boards, scratch plates etc.) are protected properly with bubble wrap or foam sheets before transit begins. It is even advisable to pack guitars and basses inside their hard cases before starting any kind of shipment process involving Musical Store.

e) If an instrument has a large scratch or hole in it then seal it with bubble wrap while shipping musical instruments store.

f) Avoid using tapes while packing musical instruments shop. Tapes will attract lot of dirt and grime which can easily damage the instrument on transit. If you feel that some part is unprotected, then add more padding material to ensure thorough protection during shipment. This applies not only to guitars but any other musical instrument from shipping store.

3) Documentation:

Most importantly, make sure your item has all their paperwork intact before you start with shipping process for Musical Instruments Shop. You may need these papers for customs declaration and further use, if required. If anything gets misplaced, then take them up with carrier company right at the time of pick-up of goods.

4) Shipping Musical Instruments Store:

When you are ready with your item and all paperwork then call up the courier service company to schedule an appointment for pick up. Make sure that you have completed all formalities of documentation so as to ensure free clearances by custom. If you are not getting professional services, then get in touch with some more experienced logistics person who can help you in this task of shipping musical instruments store. Some logistics person even takes care of entire shipping process for musical instruments shop, so it is always better to look for more options before starting with any shipment of musical instruments.