How Visual Learners Can Study With CPA Prep Courses

To pass the CPA exam, your best shot is to enroll in one of the best CPA Prep courses. As you begin to study for the exam, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. If you aren’t studying in alignment with your learning style, it can become even more overwhelming.

Studying may feel like hitting a wall if the course doesn’t support your learning style if you’re a visual learner.

Are You a Visual Learner?

Visual learners have to see what they’re learning. There are various forms of visual learning, from utilizing colors, contrast, spatial organization and more. For example, you may find it easier to watch a video to learn instead of strictly reading a book. Likewise, you may find it easier to retain information if you have graphs and visual diagrams.

If you need to visualize what you’re learning, you are a visual learner. Some other signs of visual learning include:

  • Noticing visual changes easily
  • Remembering pictures, charts and diagrams easily
  • Occasional daydreaming with a vivid imagination
  • Understanding direction and maps

When studying, you may find it challenging to have excess noise. Music and other sounds may easily distract you. Instead, you may prefer white noise and quiet study areas to focus.

Are There CPA Courses With Visual Learners in Mind?

If you take mediocre CPA courses, you’re likely to be stuck with courses that require you to memorize information rather than putting forth the effort to ensure that you understand the material. UWorld Roger CPA Review courses are designed to cater to all learning styles. If you’re visual learning, you’ll get more out of courses with educational illustrations.

There are over 100 hours of video lectures along with task-based simulations. You also have access to study planners. When forming your study plan, use diagrams, images and pictures. Another benefit of our CPA courses is access to downloadable e-textbooks. An e-book allows you to highlight and mark the book in various colors.

How Can You Increase Your Success in CPA Courses As a Visual Learner?

When it comes to studying, you know what works for you. If the traditional study methods do not appeal to you, you don’t have to use them. As a visual learner, you may struggle with sitting down and reading a textbook to retain information. If you struggle with what works for you, here are some tips for visual learners.

Use Color and Symbols

When it comes to memorization, the human brain latches onto color. You can use color to group similar items and mark concepts. For example, you may use one color to highlight the most important aspects of a topic and a different color for lesser essential elements. Likewise, you can underline definitions, formulas and terms in different colors. If you use stickers or sticky tabs, color-coordinate them.

On top of color, you can utilize symbols in your notes. Consider using exclamation points for important information or question marks for information that you’re struggling with. Create a key with characters that can tell you whether you understand a concept or need to revisit the idea later.

Use Outlines and Graphs

For visual learners, paragraphs of notes can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. Instead, consider incorporating graphics into the notes. You may want to organize your ideas graphically. For example, you can use a web graph to put the main idea in the center of the page and use branches to secondary ideas.

You can also use outlines to organize information. With outlines, you can structure data using headings and subheadings, along with bullet points. When reading through a chapter in a textbook, try to organize the information in outlines or graphs.

Try Flashcards

CPA Review courses should include flashcards that are customizable. Flashcards present ideas and concepts in an image. Your flashcards can contain pictures, color, text and more. When it comes to study tools, flashcards tend to be helpful for visual learners. Flashcards may improve your memory and comprehension.

Visualize Success With CPA Courses Geared Towards All Students

Once you know your learning style, you are better equipped to study for the CPA exam. High-quality CPA courses consider all learning styles. You can choose the courses and study plans that suit your lifestyle and cater to a visual learning style. Video explanations and visual aids tend to benefit visual learners.