HP Bender Phone

HP was once one of the top players in the world of smartphones and handheld devices during the industry’s infancy. However, and not for a lack of trying, HP has fallen to the wayside. Their most recent attempt to re-penetrate the market with the webOS-powered Palm Pre was an unmitigated disaster. But fans of the desktop and notebook giant shouldn’t fret as it looks like the company has yet to give up on their smartphone aspirations and plan to try again with a new Android device dubbed the HP Bender.

The benchmark details of the HP Bender have recently surfaced and gives us a good idea of how HP plans to compete in an already crowded smartphone market.  Here are some screenshots courtesy of our friends over at Slashgear:

HP BenderHP Bender Details 2

The HP Bender immediately distinguishes itself from other smartphones from HP by adopting Android. It looks like HP has decided that their success isn’t in developing their own OS but in adopting what is arguably the most successful mobile platform out there at the moment. Based on the benchmark details, the HP Bender will be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It is possible though by the time of the device’s release, it’ll be already upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The HP Bender will also have a screen resolution of 1366 x 720 and will powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor.

We’ll be on the lookout for more information regarding the HP Bender and be sure to share it with you guys as soon as possible.

HP Bender Phone

Do you think HP can make a comeback with the Bender? Would you give this phone a chance considering their track record? Share your thoughts in the comments below!




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