HP Pavilion Chromebook

After the initial Chromebook’s by Acer and Samsung didn’t sell very well, many discarded Google’s idea of an web-only operating system netbook that offers Google apps.

As the second batch of sales are in full swing, partners with Google are starting to notice how the Chromebook could be a great cheap netbook that offers better design and better speeds than the Windows versions.

In all sense, making a netbook with Google seems like a more logical solution than working with Windows, as Windows is more heavy application based. In our view, Google has the perfect design for the Chromebook to work efficiently, without being stale. Also Chromebook sales are up while laptop/netbook sales are down.

HP is the newest in the line of partners, including Lenovo and possibly Asus, to consider the Chromebook. A listing on the HP store showed the unreleased HP Pavilion Chromebook.

The Pavilion Chromebook will have a 1.1GHz Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM, a 16GB solid-state drive, and a 14-inch, 1366 x 768 display. This is all fine and dandy and really doesn’t surprise us.

Celeron processors are known for their overheating and poor battery consumption. HP said the Chromebook will last a dismal four and half hours at best, a little lacklustre considering Samsung’s offers seven hours.

We will obviously have to see what HP bring forward. If the design of the Chromebook is usable and the price is cheap, they may be on to a winner. The latter feature needs to be there, Samsung and Acer offer the Chromebook at a budget price, HP need to match if not better that price.

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    My sister just asked me if I knew anything about a Chrome book. I told her its Google, and in early roll out, decent battery life and its full of web based apps like Google Docs at about a $200 base price. Her eyes lit up and is now considering putting her Macbook on hold. She doesn’t need a $1200 laptop because she basically needs it for Documents and Spreadsheets. She doesn’t want a Windows laptop because she remembers her old virus stories from years ago. I switched to Mac 6 years ago and have never worried about a virus myself. But I think Google has a big hit on its hands here. I’m curious to try a Chrome book myself. Maybe when the time is right and my Macbook needs to be replaced it will be my go to option.

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