HTC 10
HTC 10

There are a lot of details about the Freestyle Layout that we haven’t figured out yet. The HTC blog sat down with the team in Taiwan to discuss how the HTC future phone will operate.

In a recent blog published by HTC, HTC designers were still in limbo about exactly how the features of the new HTC 10 would play out in future product designs, but they were torn between a clean design and system or the “creative benefits of a messy desk,” according to Teresa Basich (public relations). They marveled the idea of having “complete freedom” to do as you pleased on your smartphone, utilizing different interfaces on different screens, many of which you different systems of design (like gridlines, blocks, or icons).

The Goal of the New HTC 10 Freestyle Theme

The goal, says HTC developers, is to create customized experiences that aren’t limiting in nature. “Freestyle’s” goal is to push unique, custom experiences on the user in ways that allow the user to implement their own design on their phone, “taking back what should ultimately belong to the user and no one else.”

Overcoming the Hurdles Associated with HTC Freestyle

Without a doubt, getting rid of systems that define the placement of icons and data is a little scary and unorthodox, especially when it came to implementing API calls and other touch activations (that respond to where you touch).

The goal in the end was to create a layout that didn’t require what we would consider “a traditional phone UI.” Freestyle layouts give the users options (like labels and titles). The ultimate goal is to implement a system where there are no real rules or regulations, which means that apps can take whatever icon or shape they choose which creates issues with compatibility and design- and obviously, designers still plan on fixing this. They have succeeded in creating the first completely customizable UI, though.

What’s the Point of the HTC 10 Freestyle Theme?

The designers of this new theme were motivated by their siblings, finding ways to help people choose HTC over other brands. One of the things that resonated with users was that they felt that they could make their phones their own.

To be clear, the developers of this theme don’t think they’re doing anything remarkable or exceptionally innovative. The biggest issues have been with other designers, and changing the ways that we use our phones. HTC hopes to bring users “an experience that helps users make something they believe is truly unique and worth cherishing,” says Basich.

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