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It is of no secret that HTC are struggling in both their marketing strategy and supply chain. They receive much criticism about their Sense software and simply cannot seem to shift the number of devices that they used to. This is represented by the sales figures of the HTC One where we’re hearing HTC have managed to shift only 5 million devices.


Whilst this may seem like a healthy figure, and the management at HTC are certainly convinced of that, it is only roughly around half as many handsets as what the Galaxy S4 has sold – and that’s in less time too.

HTC One down and out?

The lack of sales has been put down to stock shortages as opposed to a simple lack of interest in the latest HTC One device:

“Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it’s doing really well or not.”

Whilst 5 million devices is nothing to be ashamed about, being outsold by the newer Galaxy S4 so shortly after that new device was released should ring alarm bells in the ears of HTC.

If the lack of sales have simply been down to stock shortages of the HTC One then the potential success of the HTC One has been compromised by something HTC should have been on top of, and a perfectly good device has fallen victim as a result.

The HTC One is a fantastic device, with specifications on par with that of the iPhone 5, and a better build quality than the Galaxy S4, but if the stock isn’t available then the sales won’t be either. Unfortunately as shortages continue, the window for success of the HTC One continues to get smaller, and will see the Galaxy S4 continue to outsell it.

  1. 5 million is a good amount for a device that has only properly been on the market for a month and has been plagued with delays and on top of that utilises 10% or perhaps even less marketing than Samsung…

    This article makes it seem like 5 million is disspointing? I’m sorry, I’d love to know how much the competitors other than the big two are selling (Samsung, Apple).

    HTC has done well with the HTC One and it has been a moderate (even good/great considering the situation) success despite the hard times HTC is currently going through.

    I think good reporting would portray that… I’m amazed that the S4 has only managed to sell double considering it’s wide availability from day 1.

  2. Also, the HTC One was never going to outsell the S4… Anyone thinking so is idiotic… The sheer marketing power of Samsung allows them to release a highly underwhelming device and still get it to sell like hotcakes. Not that the S4 is a underwhelming device, it isn’t but it most certainly doesn’t have the wow factor the One has.

    I’d honestly say the HTC One is already a success, it’s scored well in reviews, it has people speaking positively about it and it’s put HTC back on the map, they’re hungry for their pole position again and it’s showing. I think that is what the HTC One was supposed to be, the personification of HTC’s new direction brought into one device. Obviously sales are why the company is here, to make money. Let’s not forget to look back to last year with the original one series, I believe the whole series only managed a few million over it’s entire life time. In comparison to last year HTC and the One itself IS a success.

    Next will be to release a device that matches or surpasses the one, then really pose a competition to the Galaxy S line of phones.

    One step at a time, they were never going to leap Samsung with one phone.

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