HTC Phone 8x Nokia Lumia 920 Challenger

Pricing details for HTC’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device have leaked online and they may be a cheaper alternative for people who are curious about the new mobile OS from Microsoft but think that the Nokia Lumia 920 may be a little too expensive.

HTC Phone 8x Nokia Lumia 920 Challenger

GSM Arena has gotten hold of some documents from UK carrier Three that peg the non-contract price of the HTC Phone 8X at a reasonable £350, that’s around $564 once converted. Earlier reports suggest that the Nokia Lumia 920 may cost between $700-800without a contract. For those hoping to get an even lower cash-out option, you can get the HTC Phone 8X for £29 with a two-year £30-a-month contract with Three.

The HTC Phone 8X is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, has a 4.3 inch 720p HD screen and a more-than-sufficient 8 MP camera. Like the Nokia Lumia 920, it also eschews the black-white-silver aesthetics that most other smartphones have adopted and gives customers a variety of bright shades to choose from.

It’s a good thing that the HTC Phone 8X is selling at a low price for a top-tier smartphone. The vibrant colors and the new OS may be enough for some but more tentative buyers may not be willing to shell out iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 amounts of cash to try out a Windows 8 Phone device. And while the HTC Phone 8X may not be as technically superior as the Nokia Lumia 920, its specs keep it par with other premium smartphones but at much lower prices.

Will the HTC Phone 8X be able to compete with the Nokia Lumia 920? Is the lower price enough to convince you to get it over Nokia’s WP8 smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


[via GSM Arena]

  1. Probably not, Nokia Lumia 920 is having so superior features such as PreView camera, CityLens maps, wireless charging and many others. HTC Phone 8x rather competes with Lumia 820, both with features and price.

  2. No way. I picked the Lumia 920 over the iPhone 5 and I’m a 2 iPhone user for 4 + years. I personally think it’s the best phone available out there. The question would I pay as much as the iPhone 5 costs for the Lumia 920, most definitely if thats what it costs. Why wouldn’t I pay as much for a better phone. The only real question here is the WP8 OS which is brand new but from what I’ve read, I should love it. The reviews from WP 7.5 owners were very good, so I’m just going to assume that WP8 is going to be even better.

  3. I would actually compare this HTC X8 with Nokia Lumia 820.That seems to be priced £50 cheaper than X8, if the rumours are correct. From these two I would buy Lumia in a heart beat. I have not heard that any other manufacturer has NFC pairing and Nokia also has some nice apps in their possession (Transport, CityLens, Drive and now also Xpress Browser).
    I would buy it wiyh Qi charging covers, which probably will cost some extra tens of quids, but still i do not expect Lumia 820’s price to exceed HTC. This is the next big thing in smartphone space. And the ease of Nokia NFC pairing is so great, that if you have seen it, you will not go back.

  4. I am enjoying what Microsoft and its phone partners have done.

    Samsung Ativ S- Almost an exact copy of GSIII but it runs Windows so many people like the GSIII that this should draw many people in as I have heard it should be widely available.

    HTC 8x- Widely available very solid phone. HTC is going for a great price for a great phone similar to Vizio’s business model but for phones.

    Nokia Lumia 920- Big Phone with big features however in America only available for AT&T which means that they will get a lot of marketing help from AT&T.

    The marketing from the 920 will “hopefully” spark an interest in the WP8 environment and boost sales of the other devices on other networks in America. It is a bold strategy. Hopefully this will create a third option for consumers and continue the innovation and price cuts for mobile computing.

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