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UK Tapscapers feeling a little left out at all the US-related HTC Phone 8X news today? Don’t be, because we’ve also got pre-order news for you guys, especially if you’re eyeing to get HTC’s Windows Phone 8 device via well known Manchester-based online retailer, Expansys.

HTC Phone 8X Expansys

WPCentral reports that the UK Expansys site reveals pricing and release date details about the upcoming HTC Phone 8X and its mid-range sibling, the HTC Phone 8S:

“Expansys UK is has listed the HTC 8X and 8S as available for pre-order. The HTC 8X is listed for £399.99 and the HTC 8S is listed for £239.99.  It is our understanding that shipping dates for the 8X will be November 2, 2012 and the 8S will ship shortly thereafter on November 15, 2012.”

Their November 15 shipping date is just a day after the rumored T-Mobile launch date of the device in the US.

WPCentral has also determined that pre-orders are now also open in Expansys’ websites in other territories:

“In looking at other Expansys sites, both HTC Windows Phone 8 devices appear to be available for pre-order across the board.  On Expansys U.S. the HTC 8X (unlocked) will run $629.99 and the HTC 8S (unlocked) will run $349.99.”

We’ve discussed the HTC Phone 8X in detail but what about the HTC Phone 8S? The device is targeted at people in the market for a mid-range device and as such, will have slightly lower specs than the HTC Phone 8X. The budget friendly WP8 smartphone will have a 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, a 5 MP camera and a smaller 4-inch display. It will also come in variety of bold colors, just like the HTC Phone 8X.

HTC Phone 8S

Will you be getting the HTC Phone 8X or Phone 8S via Expansys? Is the price just what you were expecting for the smartphone? Discuss in the comments!


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