Huawei P10: CEO of Huawei States Flash Memory Issues Due To Shortage

Ever since the release of the Huawei P10 a few months ago in February of this year of 2017; Huawei has kept silent over the recent issues regarding the unreliability of the flash memory implemented into the Huawei P10.

Chinese Users Noticed Dramatic Memory Speeds Differences

The issue recently came up when users of the Huawei P10 in China noticed the dramatic difference in their memory speeds. After comparing, users of the Huawei P10 realised that some were getting the short end of the stick. Some users of the device received eMMC 5.1 memory speeds while others received the newer UFS 2.0/2.1 memory speeds.

Huawei Breaks Silence On The Issue

The CEO of Consumer BG and Chairman of Huawei, Richard Yu has broken the silence on the issue and released a statement onto the Chinese social media website, Weibo, to say that the reason some Huawei P10 users have eMMC 5.1 chips is that the company ran out of stocks for the UFS 2.0/2.1 chip when in production. The CEO also stated that the memory speeds don’t have a practical impact on real life performance.

Huawei P10 Users Feel Cheated. However, Huawei Never Included Memory Speed Specs When Promoting The Huawei P10

The statement from Richard Yu has not left users satisfied, and in fact, even more upset. Given the circumstance, it’s understandable for many users to feel cheated. Moreover, Huawei never mentioned the memory speeds when promoting the Huawei P10; but given the current standard of smartphones, users expecting the device to feature and implement the latest hardware is fair.