Huawei P9 Puts Huawei In Top 3

With over 10 million individual sales since last year, the Huawei P9 from Huawei has given a significant rise to the company’s share percentage in the smartphones business. The Chinese smartphone company has established itself as the world’s number 3 with a market share of 10% in the global smartphone business just behind Apple and Samsung. This is largely due to the fact that ever since last year, Huawei has increased their product sales by 30% since the previous year. That large increase in sales has put Chinese phones in a league of their own with a 20% market share in the world wide smartphone business.

The Huawei P9, that was released in April of 2016, has made a major contribution to this and as the telecommunication giant releases newer products, the more the companies quality of products do too with market sales numbers reaching extremely new heights for the company.

The company’s sales rose from 75 million smartphones in 2014 to 140 million smartphones in 2016 accumulating a rise of approximately 65 million product sales in just a span on 2 years. The company was initially founded by a Chinese businessman and CEO Ren Zhengfei back in 1887. It is clear to see that the company has a bright, prosperous future ahead in the smartphone industry and although their products may not be as big as Apple or Samsung, they are making their own waves in the ocean that is the smartphone industry sailing towards success.