iAlbums iPhone App Review

Price: FREE    Score: 9/10     Category: Music

iAlbums is free, but it has the feel of a high-end pay-to-play music app. And with a price tag of precisely nothing, there’s no reason not to check out this quality App Store freebie.
iAlbums is better than rocking out in iTunes for a bunch of different reasons. Instead of just listening, you can enrich your music experience with a whole host of cool extras, including artist bios, album reviews, song lyrics, band photos, videos, interviews, and more. There’s album art, as well as a whole shelf of virtual albums you can browse through to replicate the record store experience.
All of the content is delivered in a seamless flow, and is generated based on what you’re all about right now, with a huge range of artists supported with bonus materials (including up to the minute Tweets and Facebook updates from your favorite artists.)
By the numbers, the app proclaims to have support for covers for over 600,000 artists, more than 1 million albums, and over 10.5 million songs, which equates to over 2.3 billion unique items of music-related content. In terms of lyric support for the songs in your playlist, you’re looking at 400,000 artists and 200,000 albums on the current update.
You’ll also get updates for new music to check out based on your listening preferences, as well as notifications when your album is missing tracks (and a handy link to get them on iTunes) and automatically installed album covers for those albums you may have obtained, shall we say, from sources other than iTunes.
People who like music as background noise may not care about all these cool bells and whistles, but for ultra fans obsessed with creating a total music experience for their favorite tracks, iAlbums will be music to their ears.

iAlbums is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.