Impact of Technology on STD

What started in the 14th century might be the biggest problem in the modern world. STDs like chlamydia and HIV have been around here since the middle ages. These viruses originated from France during the Columbian Exchange.

Over the years, these issues have become more common especially in the west. Countries like America have the most population of people who are affected by STDs. For instance, Chicago, otherwise known as the “Windy City” has 1200 cases of an STD for every 100,000 people. These figures are growing over time so people are becoming more prone to getting themselves tested. Luckily enough, HIV testing in Chicago has become common and people are getting tests at regular intervals. For more information visit: Chicago Immediate Care.

With the evolution in modern science, there are a lot of tech companies that are working towards making STD testing convenient for infected people.

Over the years, America has reported having the highest number of STD cases. The fact that these cases are more common among teenagers and people in their early twenties is quite shocking. While technological evolution takes place to deal with the growing STDs, we all need to educate ourselves to handle sexually transmitted diseases.

STDs are generally not something that people talk about in public. However, we need to talk about these issues to create awareness and general information.

Let’s talk about some of the best tech gadgets that are helping people deal much better with STDs and STIs.

Impact of Technology on STD Management

Evolution of DNA Testing Technology

DNA is the main character behind the story of your body. There are a lot of issues that are associated with STDs and for people with multiple sexual partners, they are not really sure of how they got it. Anyway, by using DNA samples it is possible to solve many mysteries related to the untested world of STDs.

Presently, medical science has been able to make huge advancements in this field by completely transforming the NAAATs. Otherwise known as the Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests, they now have the ability to test specific requested components of the DNA.

This means that your regular NAAT test now has the ability to identify the genetic material of the infected virus. This has evolved them into an accurate tester for STDs.

What started off as a testing sample for chlamydia and gonorrhea is now a major source of checking viruses like herpes, urea-plasma, Trichomoniasis, mycoplasma HIV, and many more. Did you know that every lab conducting HIV testing in Chicago is aware of this technology and implements it in their testing process?

Allows People to opt for a More Private Screening

Checking for STDs is really critical, but it’s not been quite simple. As advanced as we might be, people still find discussing their sexual life a bit embarrassing. Asking your doctor for an STD test can be a bit difficult for some people. Who wants to call their primary care physician and ask for an STD screening? However, with emerging market models and evolving procedures, there are many more efficient ways for people to request quick STD checks.

Fast internet listing is everything you want to locate highly confidential resources that help you arrange your appointments securely or perhaps even conduct a test at home. This reduces any tension among health care providers and their patients. This also raises the probability that people will be screened regularly for such health issues. 

Condoms That Change Colors

Condoms are generally regarded as a preventative measure to not get pregnant. However, technology has made its way to generating more uses of a condom. There are condoms that actually change their color in case they come in contact with an STD. This invention is becoming quite popular among people and younger people are more interested in purchasing these.

This condom comes with an enzyme immunosorbent assay. It is nothing more than a testing method that most of the hospitals and testing labs around the world use the same process. For diseases like HIV and herpes, these condoms are the quickest way to detect instantly.

Although technology is not completely feasible, one must ensure that the credibility of the condom itself is not undermined. We can say that this is something that should be more improved along the way. Fortunately, scientists are working on how to make these condoms much better and easily accessible for all the people.

STD Testing Through Mobile Apps

Now that we are talking about technology, let’s talk about the multiple benefits of mobile phones. Over the years, mobile phones have had such a strong impact on our life that we now cannot imagine our life without them. From gaming apps to healthcare, there is an all that is working day and night to develop an online STD testing platform based on real results. This platform works for people who subscribe to the services and mail them necessary components of the test like a urine sample or some blood.

Don’t Rely Just on Technology

In the end, safe sex takes more than modern tools and technology. It needs diligent and conscientious intervention on the part of those concerned. However, it is important to note that creativity is taking place in an environment that needs further focus. It would be fascinating to see how these innovations have evolved over the years and what sort of positive improvements are being made.

Staying safe is the best way to get rid of any changes that might result in an unwanted infection. Make sure that you and your partner are tested and safe from this rapidly growing issue.


With the advancement in technology, people have been able to deal much better with the rapidly rising STDs. These issues are somewhat embarrassing for many people and technology has been able to handle this very well. Presently, there are tools and gadgets along with private testing that can help people become aware of the germs and bacteria that unfold under their sheets. The best way to avoid STDs is to remain safe and stay loyal to one partner.

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