Instagram is down again
Instagram is down again

With Facebook’s ongoing controversy, looks like it’s siblings are also being affected; the popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram seems to be suffering from an outage. However, the scale of the outage is still unknown as there aren’t any reports from other media outlets, outlining it.

Indian users were the first to bring this issue to notice, however, angry Twitterati from all over the globe soon joined, by expressing outrage over the outage; users report that, when they try to login using the app on an Android or an iOS device, the following message is being displayed, “Sorry, there was a problem with your request”. The desktop version i.e it’s website, appears to be showing a similar error message.

Instagram on Android

Instagram on the web

Users report that, they have been facing this issue since yesterday. A lot of people say that, initially they thought it was just them, also thinking that something was wrong with their phone or their internet connection but when a lot of people started seeing the same error, it’s been made clear that, something’s wrong with the service.

The reason for the outage is unknown, however, it could be speculated that, the company is doing a follow-up on the recent Facebook’s data breach. Instagram is, of course, separate from Facebook but it does fall under the social-network giant’s wings.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said on an interview with CNN, that the company will backtrack every request made, to find the loopholes and fix them. It could be that, Facebook decided to check Instagram as well.

Facebook has been under fire for one of the biggest data-breach ever, as it was reported by The Guardian that, Cambridge Analytica, a firm that deals with data, gained access to more than 50 million Facebook users data.

Following that, a lot of users have deleted their Facebook accounts and started the campaign #deletefacebook. Of course, users need a different platform to post their pictures, and Instagram is already the best place to share your day-to-day stuff. However, with Instagram being reported to be down, we hope that, it hasn’t/doesn’t face the same fate as Facebook.

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Updated: Twitterati from all over the globe express outrage