Instagram down again
Instagram down again

Instagram is down yet again. Just under three weeks ago, users from all over the world were facing login issues. It more than two days for the company to fix the issue and here we are, again, at the same juncture, unable to gain access to the service. Neither the app on iOS or Android is working nor the web version.

During the last outage, Instagram failed to comment on the issue and neither did it, after resolving the problem. The company’s being tight-lipped about its issues. To top it off, many users have also been complaining of the service hitting a dead-end as the app fails to refresh the feed.

The issue can just be left to speculate but one thing that can be taken into account is that, Instagram’s parent company Facebook is going through rough times and that could be one of the reasons behind the service’s outage.

Last month, it was found that a data mining company named Cambridge Analytica was able to access more than 50 million Facebook users’ data. The issue is being currently discussed between Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the United States’ Congress members at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Instagram down
Instagram is down again on Android, iOS and Web

If you are able to access Instagram, then our advice to you would be to not to log out of the app. As, most of the people are able to perfectly use the app except for a few who are unable to get the feed to refresh. It’s seems as if, only the login system’s broken at the moment but we’ll be monitoring Twitter hashtags to see if users are facing other problems too.

During the last service outage, people took to Twitter to share their disappointment. It was initially the Indian users that faced the issue but it was later found that, people from different parts of the world were facing the same issue. As friends, many people asked their mates to not to log out of the service.