Intel Itanium 9500

Intel Itanium 9500

Intel have just announced an updated range of Itanium processors, with the new Itanium 9500 Series featuring lightning fast micro-architecture for clients in need of high-performance systems. The most advanced Intel chip to-date, the Itanium processor is very, very fast.

Aimed primarily at enterprise servers and corporate clients, the Itanium 9500 processor is built around 32-nanometer Poulson architecture with eight cores and support for 2TB (yes, Terabytes) of RAM.

The Itanium 9500 series is not for your average home PC – and is designed to handle heavy analytic workloads, database crunching and other “mission-critical” business operations.

Intel corporation are claiming that the Itanium 9500 series is 2.4 times faster than the 2010 Tukwila processor that it’s replacing, with new clock speeds coming in at 1.73GHz – 2.53GHz. But speed comes at a price – bulk pricing (1000 units) starts at $1,350 and climbs up to $4,650 for just a single chip.

Intel’s announcement was made in conjunction with HP, and the first HP Superdrome 2 systems incorporating the Itanium 9500 processor will be available in December, starting at $6490 per blade.

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