Apple has finally released the most recent iOS update, version 4.3, for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. To update your device, simply plug your device into your computer, start up iTunes, visit the “Devices” tab and click the “Update” button.

The latest version of iOS brings a number of new features, including audio and video streaming enhancements if you have multiple Apple devices in your home, new settings options, and a personal hotspot feature that is for the iPhone 4 only.

One of the biggest changes that should affect all devices is a faster JavaScript engine which should speed up web browsing using the Safari web browser.

The iPhone 4 personal hotspot feature lets you share your 3G cellular data conection with up to 5 different devices — 3 over WiFi, 1 over Bluetooth, and one via a USB connection.

Anyone can use the new iTunes Home Sharing feature to stream music or videos from a PC or Mac running iTunes to a mobile device over your home network.

There are also new AirPlay features which let you stream videos from supported 3rd party apps to an Apple TV.

The operating system also now supports 720p HD video output using an Apple Digitla AV adapter, and there are new settings allowing you to set the number of times to repeat alerts.

iPad users can also now choose between using the button on the side of the tablet to lock the screen orientation or to mute audio without having to jailbreak the tablet.

iOS 4.3 is available for the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 3rd or 4th generation iPod touch.