A week or so ago, Apple pushed iOS 6.1.1 beta out to developers, which was mostly about fixes for iOS Maps. However, the iOS 6.1.1 that shipped addressed a 3G connectivity problem specific to the iPhone 4S. Now, Apple has pushed out release iOS 6 Maps fixes again — next week’s iOS 6.1.2 will be focussed on addressing the Lockscreen and Exchange Server issues.

People are weird. Whereas the biggest Apple headlines of the week were reserved for the latest iPhone lockscreen hack — do you even use a passcode? — the ugliest real issue facing the company is a nasty and disruptive Exchange server bug affecting anything running iOS 6.1.

Microsoft’s official workaround for the issue? Kick the iPhone users off.

Yes, Apple has acknowledged both the Exchange Server and iPhone lockscreen hack issues, and said that fixes for both are coming.

iPhone-Ticker takes the story (translation) a step further in saying that we don’t have long to wait for the fixes.

There is some evidence that we reach the next iOS update early next week and probably before 20 February will be available to download through Apple is. Two errors, short-term solutions for the Apple had promised. Spoken, in the case of the Passcode Lock. Written in terms of Exchange.

Longstanding iOS 6 Maps issues, according to various sources, will be fixed, tweaked and/or ameliorated into submission with the release of iOS 6.1.3, which is now thought to be weeks away

via MacRumors