ios 7

iOS 7 has received mixed reviews since being released, but one thing is consistent around iUsers across the globe – everyone is itching to get their hands on the iOS 7 Beta to try out the next-generation version. Whilst developers can install and run iOS 7 on their devices right now in order to discover how it changes the look and feel, not to mention the function of their Apps, not everyone has such access.


Whilst Beta 1 doesn’t actually require a developer account to be installed, it is recommended that only developers install the early version of iOS 7 since it is so buggy. As with any first Beta or software, and especially with Apple software, it is riddled with bugs and unfinished code. This is especially the case with Apple software it seems, so extra vigilance should be taken if you do want to try out the iOS 7 Beta 1.

iOS 7 Simulator

However, some smart people over at Recumbo have put together an interactive demo of iOS 7 that runs directly in a web browser.

Whilst it doesn’t give an entire view of the experience that iOS 7 present, it does provide a valuable insight into the functionality of what iOS 7 has to offer.

You can access the demo here.

Let us know what you think of the demo of iOS 7 in the comment section below. Do you think it’s better than iOS 6? Or if you’ve used the proper Beta 1 of iOS 7, how does this web simulator compare to the real thing?

Update: Unfortunately it appears that the guys at Recumbo just got directed by Apple to remove the simulator. The reasoning behind the removal notice is unclear, but it would appear to violate the NDA somehow, which Apple holds for iOS 7 with the Developer program, since it is not available for the general publics’ access, so unreleased features should be kept relatively quiet.

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