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iOS 7 is yet to be released for the iPad – the developer Beta 1 of iOS 7 is only available for the iPhone, for reasons unknown to us. Despite there being a few mockups of how iOS 7 might look on the iPad, it is relatively unknown how the new looking iOS will scale on a bigger screen.

ios 7 ipad

iOS 7 on iPad

However, a new video has found its way onto the web which claims to show iOS 7 fully functioning on the iPad. The video in question is in Russian (I think) so little is known about exactly how the individual in question came to get hold on the unreleased iPad version of iOS 7. During the video the lockscreen, homescreen, notification center, control center, and new folder layout is demonstrated, which suggests it is the real deal.


It could be possible that the user is in possession of an early iPad version of iOS, or whether he was able to hack the iPhone firmware file to enable iPad functionality.

Whilst it does seem pretty legitimate, a little bit of pro video editing could achieve the same effect, and especially with the various iOS 7 themes that are available on Cydia at the moment, it is highly likely it could be fake.

Apple held back the iPad version of iOS 7 for a reason, potentially because the UI was not finished, so I find it very unlikely a version has leaked before it was released to developers, or if it was as simple as editing a piece of code in the iPhone version.

iOS 7 for the iPad is due to be released in the next coming weeks in a developer Beta.

What do you think? Real or Fake? Let us know your thoughts about the video in the comments section below.

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