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It is the little things that make life more beautiful. Apple’s iOS 7, which has been installed on more than 80% of supported devices has kept the little things in mind when developing their latest software.

How to get more out of iOS 7

Here are a few hidden tips and features sure to give you a better iOS 7 experience and help you get more out of Apple iOS 7.

Location Based Reminders – iOS 7

“Remember to call me when you get there”.

Reminders is a great iOS app to help keep things organised during your daily schedule. Location based reminders can alert you to do something when you arrive at a specific location.

Location Based iOS 7 Reminders

Simply open the Reminders app on your iPhone, create a new reminder and select the “Remind Me” option followed by the “Remind me at a location” switch.

Shake to “undo” – iOS 7

So you’ve had a change of heart midway through typing a lengthy message and want to start over?

You could select the text with your fingertip and cut, or you could hold down the backspace key for what would feel like an eternity.

Shake to undo iOS 7

Or, you could simply give your iOS 7 device a shake. Do it when typing in Messages, Mail, Calendar, Notes, or Contact Apps and notice a pop-up with an “Undo-Typing” button.

Simply press the button, and your text will disappear. Change your mind? Shake your iOS 7 device again, and press “Redo Typing”.

How to add multiple fingerprints to your iOS 7 (iPhone 5)

Users who set up their new iPhone 5s will be prompted to register a fingerprint with the Apple Touch ID sensor integrated into the home button.

But up to four more fingerprints can be added later in the iOS 7 Settings. This allows users to conveniently unlock their device from either hand or potentially allow access of their iPhone to multiple users.

Multiple fingerprints iPhone 5S iOS 7

Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’ for faster charge – iOS 7

We’ve all been there. You’re ready to head out the door just to realise your iPhone has run out of juice. If you’re in dire straits, use this simple solution to pump some life into your iPhone fast.

Head to Settings – Airplane Mode and swipe on before your charge.

airplane mode iOS 7

Find out more ways to increase your iPhone’s battery life here

LED Flash Notification – iOS 7

Want to see as well as hear when your phone rings? With a little help from the LED camera flash, you can. It is a handy feature for those who can’t rely on audio alerts to screen notifications.

LED Flash iOS 7

Simply go to Settings – General – Accessibility, then scroll down to “LED Flash for Alerts” and swipe on.

Any iOS 7 tips or shortcuts we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

Sachin Kapoor