The iPhone 5 brought several big changes to the table, but one of the biggest was the aspect ratio change. Gone is the 3:2 ratio that we’ve known and loved for the iPhone up until now, instead a true widescreen 16:9 ratio has been embraced. With this in mind, could such a major change be making its way over to the iPad as well?

According to Industry Analyst Paul Mueller, the answer is yes. The analyst claims to have spoken to three people close to Apple and that a prototype utilizing true widescreen is already in the works. Does this mean that a true widescreen iPad is just around the corner? Not exactly. Prototypes are commonplace with Apple. There is no guarantees that Apple will bring out such a device, and it’s not even clear why they changed the iPhone 5, though some say the LTE attenna wouldn’t fit right in the smaller design.

While I personally enjoy 16:9 widescreen, it’s very possible that attempting this with the iPad would create a device that is a lot off balance and doesn’t look quite right. If an iPad sporting 16:9 does come out, it seems more likely that the iPad Mini would be the candidate for such a design.

Why the iPad Mini?

While this is purely speculation on Tapscape’s part, it makes sense that 16:9 would be considered for the Mini. It has already been mentioned that Apple is actually making the bezel and other design elements more like the iPhone than the standard iPad. With the Mini taking design cues from the iPhone, it’s possible that Apple might consider bringing 16:9 to the smaller-screen tablet.

What do you think? Would you like to see an iPad or iPad Mini with a 16:9 aspect ratio?

Via: Ubergizmo