Even the most experienced hackers have trouble jailbreaking the iPad 2 because of its Apple A5 dual-core processor.  One coder, posixninja, has been working hard to develop a tool that will successfully jailbreak Apple’s most recent device.  Rumors thus far have suggested his program will become available in “about three weeks”.

The info was released on Twitter on Saturday by veeence, the same person who correctly predicted the iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak tool launch.  In his most recent tweet, veeence estimated that the jailbreak solution will launch in three weeks’ time:

It’ll likely work on the iPad 2G as well, as soon as it gets jailbroken. Rough ETA is about 3 weeks, according to @p0sixninja.

p0sixninja, the Chronic Team member has put in charge of developing an iPad 2 jailbreak, has apparently been working hard on this for quite a while.While the posixninja’s team announced they had discovered the Achilles heel behind the iPad 2’s security system earlier this month, the Chronic jailbreak team isn’t exactly known for punctuality.

  1. I think they already got jailbreak they just want to have for them selfs for awhile then release or to make apple think they are having a hard time when reality they hacked same day

  2. Really? This is an incredibly dumb sentiment. It’s true that they likely have a method of “jailbreaking” right now, but it is very likely that whatever they have is highly experimental and buggy. In short, what they have currently is unreleasable to the public. Everyone wants a jailbreak but no one wants a jailbrick.

  3. To everyone that wonders if they do have a jailbreak right now – they do. It’s just that it requires some things that would be illegal for them to distribute. Even though if I’d developed a jailbreak, I’d want credit, I’d personally do what’s best for the community and release it anonymously. It’s not illegal if you don’t get caught. 😉

  4. I believe that they’re wanting to wait till iOS 5 comes out because they’re hoping that the exploit that they’ve found will be in iOS 5 and it will save them from having to try and jailbreak again. Thats why speculation says after WWDC because thats when Apple releases iOS 5.

  5. @Justin Daigle: j
    Jailbreaks are completely legal (at least, they are in the US, and I assume that they are in the UK too). There is a special new amendment to the previous laws that makes jailbreaking legal. Unlocking might be a different story; I don’t really know much about that.

  6. The first Ipad 2 jailbreak used apple code so it was illegal and they didn’t relsease it, they are working on a legal jailbreak with their own code, jailbreak is legal because you can do anything you want with a device that you buy…

  7. GRoooovus hope it comes along soon now..and not when IPad 3 is about to be launched lolz

  8. What the comment above you is talking about, is that they are using hacked, copyrighted code from sources that aren’t covered by the new law.
    The jailbreak itself is fine, as long as the exploits contain only original code. Unlocking is more about the carrier, not Apple.

  9. I am simply happy someone is working on it. As always I would be happy to pay them for all of their hard work if ever asked. I think it is hands down a great pieceof equipment and is extraordinary when the JB is released. I am patient and willing to wait as long as needed for it to come out.

  10. When they confirmed that they have managed to jailbreak the ipad 2, does that include all versions on the ipad? Even the latest 4.3.3?

  11. When they confirmed that they have managed to jailbreak the ipad 2, does that include all versions on the ipad? Even the latest 4.3.3?

  12. that’s most likely because you just aware of the “highway” and don’t even have a tiny clue about “our way” 🙂 

  13. hackers have no gutts to do that, i think apple wins or may be they have paid them for not doing this.

  14. The work developed by this guys is so amazing that I don’t even get words to describe it!!!!
    I have an Ipad2 and I’ll wait the time it will take, although I’m really anxious about it.
    Keep up the very excellent work

  15. if we go to china and grab some chinks they can 123 bam  jailbreak it. american hackers are lazy

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