According to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, the iPad 5 will be coming back to strike down its arch nemesis, which is ironically the iPad Mini. The iPad 5 release date is apparently pretty close too, with the research firm claiming Cupertino will launch the product Q3 2013.

With reports saying Apple is cannibalising their own market with the iPad mini, the company is apparently in need of a rethink when it comes to their bigger, more expensive iPad. The research team seem to believe Apple will move to make the iPad thinner, lighter and have the same design aspects as its younger sibling, the iPad Mini.

iPad 5

The iPad 5 hybrid tablet PC

This makes sense, but other reports say that the iPad will be more than just a simple redesign. The iPad 5 release date may mark a new turn for the iPad, with a keyboard, impressive performance and crystal clear display on the cards. Apple could, apparently, market this for an excellent $600. The iPad 5 will run a Mac/iOS hybrid, which allows applications from both areas.

If this happens Apple could be in for a huge amount of adopters. Windows 8 hybrids are just trying to get their ground in the market, if Apple cut the price and offer a really impressive product, there will be a huge amount of people willing to splash out.

Simply, the iPad may cancel out the MacBook Air line, that has been on a slow slope to the grave. While the MacBook’s continuously get better, it seems more people want iPads and other gadgets. Apple could make the iPad the perfectly priced hybrid. This would stop the cannibalisation in the market too. It would allow the iPad Mini to be a small and simple tablet for users that want an Apple product; and the iPad will be the perfect hybrid tablet PC.

Of course, this rumour should be doused in a ton of salt before anyone takes it seriously. But it is an exciting idea. Also the price seems a little off, if its an Apple hybrid, it is likely we will see it priced at no less than $1000.

Would you buy the iPad hybrid, or do you not see this product coming to town any time soon? Tell us in the comments!

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