ipad air

ipad air

When the iPad Air was released last week, Apple marked it as the single biggest development change and step forward since the iPad was originally released all those years ago.

Whilst the iPad 2 and iPad Mini still remain in the lineup, to what extent is the iPad Air that much better?

The iPad 2 is being marketed as the budget iPad starting at $399 – there’s no retina display but still has the ability to run the latest iOS 7 Operating System. The iPad Mini currently sits at $299 and again offers iOS 7 without the retina display. So with all these variants, how does that translate into real world speed, and what compromises are made at each price point?

iPad Air Comparison

Luckily, there’s a video to give a comparison of the iPad Air against all the previous versions of iPad, including the iPad Mini. The tests include things like browsing the web, streaming media, and power on tests.


As you’d expect, the iPad Air blows the others away, but interesting the iPad 4 and even iPad 3 weren’t that far behind. As with any 3rd party unofficial benchmark testing, it needs to be taken with an element of skeptisism since we have no idea how loaded they are with content, if their cache is flushed out, or even if it’s a fresh version of iOS. But, this video gives a pretty good idea of the performance of each generation and how they stack up against their predecessor.

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