iPad Mini leather case

Besides the usual line of new device that Apple likes to introduce every now and then, it seems that the Cupertino-based company is also preparing for accessories. As the latest reports show, September 12th will not only bring the launch of the iPad Mini, but also a new generation of leather cases.

Considering the hints that the iPad Mini may only be 7.85-inch wide, accessory makers around the world which want to gain a precious time advantage may already develop gear for the upcoming device. One of them, DeviceWear, has been recently published a couple of photos on its product section, revealing what it seems to be a stylish protecting leather case.

Of course, several hours after publishing, all the pictures were taken down but the source of the story managed to retain the precious cargo.iPad Mini leather case

From the picture leaked it can be clearly seen that the iPad Mini will be thinner than the newest iPad model and pack the 19-pin dock connector everyone is speaking about.

This kind of information is pretty standard at this point, with the sixth-generation Apple smartphone already leaking most of its internals and an impressive collection of cases, front bezels, etc.