iPad mini cases

iPad mini casesIt’s a common habit for various manufacturers to produce cases and other accessories, months before the actual device even arrives on the market. The same happened with the iPad Mini, which received a couple of pre-launch iPad Mini cases that seem to have been tailored according to its design.

Although the manufacturer is rather unknown, it seems that these iPad Mini cases were built by guiding after all the rumored specifications we’ve heard so far. Actually, the accessories are set to accommodate a 7-inch wide device (or slightly larger) with a back-camera situated near the top power button and no LED flash.

Moreover, the cases indicate towards a smaller Apple tablet with a mini-dock connector, as opposed to the 30-pin connector found on the current generation.

Also, two microphone holes are present at the top alongside a headphone jack, situated in the opposite position of the power button. When it comes to the sheer design of these cases, they might not be as appealing as most have hoped. Would you buy one?

Via: SlashGear