iPad Mini Leaked Photos 1

We’ve talked about how the iPhone 5 was probably the leakiest launch in the history of Apple. And now, it looks like the iPad Mini is following the same path.

iPad Mini Leaked Photos 1

Today, Chinese website BoloPad has unveiled some photos of what they say is a mock up of the iPad Mini. The images seem to confirm some of the previous rumors such as the iPad Mini’s smaller form factor, aluminum back casing and the smaller Lightning connector that was introduced with the recently revealed iPhone pad, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The iPad Mini also seems to be sticking to traditional iPad port placement conventions as Apple has kept the headphone jack at the top and not at the bottom, like the iPhone 5.

iPad Mini Leaked Photos 2

But what’s really interesting and different about today’s leak is that we now have pictures of what the front of the iPad Mini will look like. Unsurprisingly, the iPad Mini comes with the typical black bezel and follows the same design beats as the older iPads.

iPad Mini Leaked Photos 3


As with all rumors of this type, it’s hard to say whether we’re looking at the real deal. But considering how spot on all the leaks about the iPhone 5 were, it’s highly possible that Apple’s curtains may not be as tightly drawn as before. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. I’m sure everyone is just as excited as us to learn more about these upcoming Apple products.

According to early rumors, the iPad Mini was supposed to launch to launch with the iPhone 5. New reports now suggest that we may get our first official glimpse of this 7.85 inch tablet sometime in October. Be sure to check back for more updates here on Tapscape!

Why do you think there are so many leaks at Apple these days? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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