There are two burning questions, ladies and gentlemen, before the House this fine day — 1.) What pixel density will the iPad mini 2 Retina display have and 2.) Does the world need yet another Apple rumor source in China? Apparently, answer to the latter query is a resounding, YES. But the dish doesn’t end there.

My Drivers is a mainland Chinese website (i.e. simplified characters) and the world is beating a path to that digital doorstep because it has iPad mini Retina juice, a brimming glassful.

Indeed there will be a Retina iPad mini, which Apple will almost certainly call “iPad mini with Retina display.” Resolution is said to be pegged at 2048 x 1536 pixels with an eye-pleasing 324ppi pixel density. Further, it’s believed that long-time Apple supplier AU Optronics will supply the panels.

But there is more. Specifically, the system-on-chip (SoC) and graphics Apple will need to pack into the Retina iPad mini to power all of those pixels:

Subsequently there are foreign media gives the news that a contact with a prototype of the Apple iPad mini 2 internal staff said the iPad mini size and shape of the iPad mini, but the improvement of the display “amazing”. In addition, the employee also revealed that, in order to support this piece of retina screen, iPad mini using A5X dual-core processor (GPU quad-core).

(That’s the Google translation, but Tapscape isn’t offering a link because Google’s automatic translation only delivers a “server error” — trust us, we care, or just use the link above to do it yourself.)

Folks playing along at home who burst out — A5X and quad-core graphics? iPad 3 components! — are indeed correct and, given that the current iPad mini has iPad 2 guts inside, it all just makes sense. Apple is very much a creature habit and re-using already tested and true components fattens Cupertino’s habitually bubble-like bottom line.

iPad mini Retina: Standardizing All ‘Round

As earlier iPad 5 + iPad mini spy photos clearly show, Apple is standardizing tablet design on the iPad mini’s thinner, svelter body, which itself takes cues from the iPod touch. That said, the non-Retina iPad 2 and iPad mini days are clearly numbered and, thereafter, all iOS-powered devices will feature Retina displays…

All sounds pretty reasonable, n’est pas? Or, do you think Apple’s planning something truly “resolutionary”…