iPad Pro

Tired of waiting for the Apple Television? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The long rumored 12-inch iPad Pro has been the subject of Apple flavored whispers for at least three years and is still going strong! While nothing’s certain until Tim Cook outs it, iPad Pro rumors are remarkably detailed and, frankly, increasingly believable.

Yes, everything does change with iPad, but Apple tablet sales have declined for five straight quarters. While the mothership has updated their marketing to boost sales, Tim Cook’s crew is reportedly brewing a new, larger 12-inch that purportedly will be called the iPad Pro in order to juice sales.

What’s the iPad Pro — Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced let alone products that might not be real — all about? Here are the latest rumored iPad Pro specs:

• Apple’s 12-inch tablet will feature Touch ID and, thereby, support Apple Pay

— That said, Apple’s bigger than bigger tablet probably won’t support NFC (Near Field Communications). Huh? The current iPad Air 2 has Touch ID, but not NFC.

• Like Apple’s 2015 MacBook, the iPad Pro is expected to feature Force Touch, a non-mechanical haptic feedback system. However, whereas the all-new ultra thin and portable notebook implements Force Touch in its trackpad, the iPad Pro is effectively a giant, 12-inch touch input device — Force Touch on that scale is going to be cool, über kewl.

• iPad Pro, also referred to as the iPad Plus by some, isn’t expected to ship until Fall 2015 and, all things being equal, will arrive side-by-side with the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 3.

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• Look for iPad Pro to ship in Gold (champagne), Silver and Space Gray

• It has been rumored, weakly, that iPad Pro will include a stylus (aka pen input device)

• Will iPad Pro, or for that matter iPhone 6s, iPad Air 3, and iPad mini 4, implement USB-C? While USB-C is clearly superior to Apple’s Lightning and, some people say, Thunderbolt connectors, it would be surprising (though not shocking) to see Apple adopt it wholesale at this point in time.

What will Apple’s 12-inch tablet be made of? Probably a single piece of Aluminum, like all iPads before, and definitely not “Unobtainium.”

Does the iPad Pro, as outlined above, sound like a winner to you and, if yes, will you be buying come Fall? Looks pretty awesome to me…

What’s your take?

Source: News.com