Virgin Mobile, one of the top virtual network operators, has finally sealed the deal to carry the iPhone 5. Virgin Mobile’s decision to carry the iPhone has become part of the prepaid movement’s improvement from just under a year ago, when prepaid carriers such as Cricket Wireless (a subsidiary of Leap Wireless) started carrying the iPhone. The prepaid movement has been so successful among consumers that even large carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless have improved their prepaid plans.


Virgin Mobile iPhone 5

AT&T has been so impacted by the prepaid movement that it now desires to make inroads in the prepaid market with its new prepaid carrier called AIO Wireless. An acronym for “All In One,” AIO Wireless looks to provide 7GB of 4G LTE data for only $70 a month.

There are smaller plans, but many will select this plan because it is a rather competitive price for affordable data. As for its GoPhone prepaid plans, AT&T recently opened the door for iPhone 5 (LTE and HSPA+) support. Plans go as high as $60 each month for 2GB of data. Each additional 1GB of data will cost you $10 extra.

Verizon has been impacted by the iPhone 5 movement because it too, has improved its prepaid plans. The highest prepaid plan from Verizon a year ago was its 2GB of 3G data (no 4G available on Verizon prepaid) for $70 each month. Verizon has now increased its data allowance to 4GB each month for the same price of $70. Verizon’s plan seems to be the best, though you may not want to experience 3G data when AT&T offers you 4G LTE.

Virgin Mobile has joined the prepaid fray, placing itself in competition with others due to the arrival of the iPhone 5. We here at Tapscape want to show you the date at which you can expect the iPhone 5, as well as plan and phone prices.

Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Date

Virgin Mobile’s iPhone 5 will arrive at the MVNO this Friday, June 28th. As of this point, you may want to wait if you have been thinking about switching to an iPhone 5.

Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Prices

There are some caveats to Virgin Mobile’s iPhone 5 prices. First, Virgin Mobile is only selling the 16GB iPhone 5 in stores, at a price of $549.99. If you want either a 32GB or 64GB iPhone 5, you must purchase it online at a cost of $649.99 and $749.99, respectively. The Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 prices are far more affordable than if you bought the iPhone 5 directly from Apple as an unlocked factory phone. Factory unlocked iPhone 5s are priced at $649.99 (16GB), $749.99 (32GB), and $849.99 (64GB).

Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Plans

Wanna purchase the new iPhone 5? If you’re a customer already, you’ll know the prices. At the same time, however, new customers may want to know the prices so that they can prepare accordingly.

The Beyond Talk plan prices are as follows:

  • 300 minutes, unlimited text and data (speeds throttled after 2.5GB) = $35 a month (minimum)
  • 1200 minutes, unlimited text and data = $45 each month
  • Unlimited calls, text, and data = $55 each month

To make matters better, when you sign up for automatic monthly payments, your bill will be reduced by $5 each month. The lowest your bill can be reduced is down to $35-$40 each month. Virgin Mobile is a win-win for customers looking for something that is quality and affordable.

Where Can You Buy the Virgin Mobile iPhone 5?

The Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 is available at Virgin Mobile stores, the Virgin Mobile online website, or at Radio Shack stores across the country. Radio Shack is famously known for offering phones in its stores from a number of small carriers such as Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and others.

Is the Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Worth It?

There are many who have had their iPhone 4 or 4S for two years and are soon to finish out their two-year agreement. If you are in this category, you may want to take advantage of Virgin Mobile’s new iPhone 5 and prepaid plans. If, however, you want the latest and greatest, it may be best to wait until Apple introduces the iPhone 5S this September. Since Virgin Mobile will now own the iPhone 5, they will most likely get the iPhone 5S this Fall as well, and will most likely offer the iPhone 5S at these same prices.

In the end, the choice is yours. If you don’t need the latest and greatest and only want a phone to run iOS 7, then an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 will suffice. At the same time, remember that not all iPhones will receive all the new features of AirDrop file sharing feature, for example.

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