Given itsing popularity, not to mention $649 and up unsubsidized retail price, iPhone 5 crime is on the rise as thieves busy themselves

Apple earlier announced that customers had pre-ordered more than 2 million iPhone 5s and would have purchased more if Cupertino had them sell. That said, pundits predict upwards of 8 million iPhone 5s will be sold this weekend. However, given the device’s overwhelming popularity, not to mention its $649 and up unsubsidized retail price, iPhone 5 crime is on the rise as thieves busy themselves.

The UK’s Independent reports that Usman Sethi, already wanted for questioning regarding the theft of a relative’s jewelry, is also suspected of stealing 252 iPhone 5s from a Wimbledon O2 store.

That is a whole bunch of stupid. Then again, perhaps the 6’1″ Pakistani national who stuffs himself into a Ford Mondeo will find a prison cell or shackles on a plane a better fit?

Meanwhile in Japan, Wall Street Journal writes up the story of iPhone 5 crime and misdemeanor at three retail outlets. In total, 191 iPhone 5s had been pilfered overnight ahead of the launch, which has seen fans queue for hours and even days in the hope of purchasing one of the zeitgeist defining devices.

That said, given that Apple and the authorities will be able to identify and track the stolen iPhone 5s as soon as they’re turned on and used — what exactly is the point? Seriously, there are newspaper and TV reports almost daily about silly criminals caught precisely because they chose to steal an iPhone, which are as easy to track as they are desirable.

Here in the US, thieves in North Carolina made off with $100,000 of iPhone 5s and iPads. The criminals entered a Murfreesboro Best Buy store by crashing a stolen car through a door and then systematically taking what they wanted — smashed and dashed in under three minutes.

Perhaps the iPhone 5s will be broken up and sold for parts? Sounds like a lot of work for little reward. In the case of the stolen Japanese iPhone 5s, a more likely possibility is they will be spirited into China where each could potentially sell for thousands…

What’s your take?

via MacRumors

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