iPhone 5 manufacturing

As the rumored September 21st release date of the iPhone 5 draws near, more and more reports are coming in that Apple’s manufacturing partners have already begun the production stage of the next-gen iOS device.

Digitimes reveals via information obtained from “industry sources” that Pegatron has already begun production of the iPhone 5 in its Shanghai manufacturing site.

iPhone 5 manufacturing

Pegatron produces a wide range of consumer electronics from different companies. And while they’re expecting a decrease in production from other products such as ODM notebooks, the expected high demand for the iPhone 5 should fill up that gap nicely and ensure that their target revenue of NT$400 billion is met:

“Pegatron is expected to see ODM shipments of notebooks decrease sequentially in third-quarter 2012, and orders for the new version iPhone are enough to make up for decreased revenues from the notebook segment, the sources indicated.

“Pegatron’s consolidated revenues for the first and second half of 2012 will be in a 45:55 ratio, the sources said. Pegatron posted consolidated revenues of NT$331.046 billion (US$11.4 billion) for the first half, and its consolidated revenues for the second half is expected to exceed NT$400 billion, the sources noted.”

Pegatron is also rumored to be chosen as the second manufacturer of the iPad Mini which is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 5.

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