Previously, we reported that one of the most exciting things about the iPhone 5 is the beefed up processor it’ll be running under its hood. Rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 5 will upgrade the iPhone 4S’ dual core A5 processor with the quad core A6 from Qualcomm. Now, we’ve got other rumors coming in that Apple may instead go with processors manufactured by what is perhaps their biggest rival — Samsung.

iPhone 5 Samsung Processor

The Droid Guy  reveals that Apple may be considering using the same technology that’s currently powering Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII:

“It appears that whatever would be the mutual differences and current state of affairs between the two giants of the tablet and smartphone market, Apple is looking up to Samsung when it comes to the release of their fifth generation iPhone. Market rumors are suggesting that at the heart of the iPhone 5 will be the Samsung quad-core processor.

“Yes, this is the same Exynos quad-core processor that currently powers the Samsung Galaxy S3. With this news about the iPhone 5 quad-core processor and its likely supplier, speculations are adrift as to whether Samsung will actually open up their components store for Apple.”

This is one rumor though that we would advise everyone to take with a very large pinch of salt. The legal battles between Samsung and Apple have been very high-profile and one would wonder if Samsung would open up their technology coffers to help “the enemy” power something that will challenge their highly praised Samsung Galaxy SIII.

It is, however, worth noting that Samsung has been the type of company that can overlook rivalries if it means supplying components to competitors is a move that will benefit the company in the long run. Perhaps it may not be that impossible then for us to see the iPhone 5 sporting a Samsung chip under its metal exterior.

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