iphone 5 release dateThe iPhone 5 release date is coming. And according multiple sources, that date will be September 12, when Apple will finally let us feast our eyes on the device. There is no doubt that plenty of hype surrounds this launch. But according to new reports, this launch could be the biggest in Apple’s history.

The report comes from AppleInsider. Someone kept tabs on Apple’s suppliers, and reports show that July had their highest sales spike on record. Here’s what that could mean. Apple is anticipating absolutely massive sales for the iPhone 5 and decided to really ramp up production to meet the demand. But there is a much likelier reason that Apple’s suppliers had such a great month.

Plenty of rumors have been swirling around that when the iPhone 5 release date comes around, it won’t be the only device on display. Rumors of the iPad Mini have also been circulating giving it a chance at appearing as well. There may also be announcements of new iPod Touches.

In fact, the iPhone 5 launch may be used to launch rebranding of all of Apple’s iProducts. The rumors of the smaller dock connector could be applied to all Apple devices. And judging from the fact that the most recent iPad was called ‘the new iPad’ instead of the iPad 3, it is possible that Apple may launch a whole line of ‘new’ products.

While Apple’s suppliers probably know what’s going on, we won’t know for sure until the iPhone 5 release date. But there is no doubt that that day will be vital for Apple.

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    Not that there is anything wrong with the iPhone 5, but I am rather disappointed that even the rumors of the device fail to match the specs of the current top tier Android products. If I liked Android’s OS this would be boon to enjoy with my ice cream sandwich, however, I loathe every single Android OS and prefer even WP 7/8 to it. But realistically, as far as hardware specs go the S3, the One X and their incremental upgrades the Note 2 and the One X plus simply have the iPhone 5 outclassed. Disagree with me if you like, but 1Ghz is a lower number than 1.4Ghz no matter how you look at it. The removal of several Google services from ios may or may not be a symbolic move from either google or apple. But it does indeed seem now as if the best of both worlds statement will not apply to the smartphone industry’s new dichotomy ever again. So Samsung it is this year as the only offset of the S3 is its lack of a 64gb option in Canada (with quad cores and 2gb ram please). Bye Apple, maybe next year you will not be playing catch up.

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