iPhone 5

While we’ve gotten rumors before that the iPhone 5 will be released before year-end, sometime between September and October, we’ve got new reports giving an exact release day on September.

UK’s The Register, sharing a report obtained from a French and Chinese website, pegged the release date on September 21st:

“A Monday article on the French-language website App4Phone (Google translation here) cites information from a Chinese source – well, en provenance d’une source chinoise, to be exact – who says its release date will be September 21.”

The Register also reveals that the rumored 19-pin connector is a lock and that we will indeed be saying goodbye to the 30-pin connector we’ve gotten used to. The iPhone 5 will also have the bigger display that we’ve been expecting but it won’t be the 4-inches we’ve all been lead to believe by all those “leaks” we’ve been getting the past few months:

“[T]he iPhone’s length of 123.9 millimeters would accommodate a display with a diagonal measurement of 3.75 inches – larger than the current iPhone’s 3.5-inch display, but noticeably smaller than, say, the 4.8-inch display of the popular Samsung Galaxy S III.”

iPhone 5

Other changes we should expect is that the headphone jack will be moved from the top-left corner of the phone to the bottom, a placement that’s similar to the Google Nexus S. We’re expecting that this, if proven to be true, will have people split and probably get the same reaction when Google unveiled their design decisions for the Nexus S.

we’ll be sure to share more information as they become available, her eon Tapscape. Be sure to come back for more news on the iPhone 5!


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