iPhone 5 release dateThere is no doubt that Apple is still bringing out the champagne for the patent lawsuit victory against Samsung. The verdict won Apple over $1 billion in patent settlements and gave them a nice boost in their stock price. Of course as you might guess, this legal battle isn’t over. And the next major point could come as soon as the iPhone 5 release date.

The rumored iPhone 5 release date is just around the corner, supposedly on September 12. However, this may also be the day that Samsung sues Apple.

Well the answer to this is two-fold. One is that Samsung is pretty ticked off at this point, who wouldn’t be? THe second part was previously reported in that their could  be a dispute over the LTE technology. Cult of Mac stated that “if Apple even thinks about releasing an iPhone 5 with LTE they will sue them immediately.”

Apple may have already been aware of this and pulled the plug on any LTE developments. On the other hand they may be preparing for a legal battle and intend on winning again should a dispute of LTE technology occur.

As of now LTE is the only feature that Samsung will supposedly sue over. It isn’t the only new feature being rumored however. A new version of AirPlay that uses Bluetooth rather than Wi-fi is expected to be announced as well as numerous other additions to iOS. Android has often been accused of copying from iOS. However, the recent Android updates could lead to some similar iOS features that could be up for dispute.

Regardless, this legal battle is going to continue and we can only wait and see what happens on the iPhone 5 release date. Do you think Samsung should be jumping right into this legal battle as soon as the release date or should they wait until they get an appeal for the current patent war? Sound off in the comments.

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