iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Everyone seemed to be against the iPhone 5, criticising it, claiming that Apple had lost its touch and that all other Android phones were just as capable, until the mobile was up for pre-orders.

It has always happened, the new iPhone gets bombarded with hate, but still manages to beat the previous edition in sales – no matter how little the tweaks and how much hate is hit at the iPhone, it seems to come back stronger.

The iPhone 5 hit mixed reviews across most blogs, some brandishing it a “meh” device, others saying Apple have just lost their innovative touch. Realistically, it seems everyone is projecting their regard to Apple a little too high, believing there is going to be a revolution in the phone every time they make a mobile keynote.

You cannot blame the fans for an outburst though, the way Apple treat all their products – the iPhone 5 was, as all Apple products are, named the amazing, wonderful, most incredible phone ever, so the hate was ready to be flung.

The mobile went on sale at 12am PDT and sold out in under one and a half hours, making it the best mobile product Apple have launched, again.

It is fair to say this was a big let off for Apple, with all the mixed reviews they still gained a huge amount of traffic and sales within that hour for the iPhone 5.

According to TechCrunch, the iPhone 5 sold out twenty times faster than the previous edition of the iPhone.

The website took some down time and speeds were slow while millions of users viewed and bought the new device, set to be the biggest gadget out this fall.

Predictions have already been made, that the iPhone 5 will sell at least ten million units by the end of September, unless there is some shortage in devices.

Projections have been made as far as December, with more ludicrous one’s going as far as December 2013, when we are sure to see the iPhone 6 come out. The project for December was at fifty million iPhone 5’s sold; a large but not unlikely number.

[Via: TechCrunch]

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