Following the leaks of the iPhone 5C, it was rumoured it would be replacing the iPhone 5 and Apple would phase this model out, however recent speculation suggests this is not the case.

Apple currently offers the iPhone 5 model as the high-end device starting at $199 on contract. The iPhone 4S is their mid-tier device costing $99 on contract, with the iPhone 4 the lower-end of the range which is offered free on contract.

However, come September 10th and the iPhone 5C is going to be introduced – a device which is aimed at targeting the lower end of the market. The iPhone 5S which will also be released alongside the iPhoen 5C, will be the higher-end device. This two tier offering was thought to be the plan, with Apple phasing out all previous models of their iPhone in favour of this new lineup.

According to an internal document from Canadian carrier Telus, it suggests that the iPhone 5 model will be offloaded in the 32GB and 64GB variants and cease to be sold on September 28th 2013, but will continue to sell the 16GB iPhone 5 which will be offered as a middle tier device.


iPhone 5 – A Middle of the Range Device?

The idea of keeping the iPhone 5 as a mid-tier device certainly makes sense. It offers a device that is more premium than the plastic iPhone 5C, but not as expensive as the iPhone 5S. Furthermore, since it’s only a year old device, it would be very unlikely for Apple to drop support for it so quickly.

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to be released and shipped at the same time, with the best estimate being September 20th 2013 in the US. However, the rumour suggests the 16GB iPhone 5 will be offered as of September 28th 2013 which is a saturday – does that mean Apple may push the iPhone 5C to a Friday on September 27th?

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