One of the selling points of Apple’s products, including the upcoming iPhone 5, are their brilliant Retina displays. According to Apple, Retina displays have high pixel density between 220ppi and 326 ppi (depending on the product); Typically, the human eye cannot make out pixelation from a normal viewing distance at these pixel densities. Apple has continuously made a big deal of this and has repeatedly claimed that their Retina displays are much better than the AMOLED ones that Samsung uses.

However, that may soon change even after the release of the iPhone 5 as Samsung has recently come out to say that advances in AMOLED technology has allowed the company to come out with displays that have pixel densities that can go as high as 350ppi. The Droid Guy reports that Samsung has been working with Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging (LTI) to achieve this:

“Samsung has been testing Laser Induced Thermal Imaging (LTI) method for producing AMOLED display panels as the LTI process allows the display panel to have very high pixel density due to greater precision in pixel laying process. Laser Induced Thermal Imaging process is apparently cheaper than Fine Metal Mask process, however, LTI cannot be upscaled for mass production without facing any issues. Samsung has finally cracked the code and is able to manufacture scalable displays featuring pixel densities more than Apple’s Retina technology, thanks to advancement in the existing FMM technology.”

At 350ppi, these displays would be much more vibrant than what’s currently offered by Apple or what we’re expecting from the iPhone 5. These displays, however, are limited to the lab environment and there is no word yet as to when Samsung intends these high pixel density displays to be available on the market. There were some holding out for this technology or something similar to be employed on the Galaxy SIII, one of the iPhone 5’s already-in-the-market competitors, but as we’ve seen, they instead decided to improve their PenTile screen technology.

It is interesting to note though that Samsung has come up with a way to exceed Retina displays and should make their ongoing battle with Apple for Smartphone and Tablet dominance a little more interesting in the months to come.



  1. What really want to know is, will the iPhone 5 be 4G LTI??? If it isn’t 4G LTI I and many others won’t buy the iPhone 5 as it is iPhone 4 and 4S should been 4G LTI …… Apple is behind the times !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a stupid idea of Samsung. Just like everything what Samsung does. More than a year ago Toshiba developed a screen with 1280×720 on 4 inches which means that it has a pixel denisity of 367. And Sony developed a screen for the Xperia S with 341 ppi. A higher pixel density does not mean that it looks better after a certain point. Samsung shoul try to improve the brightness and make the colours look warmer and not so oversaturated instead of running after Apple like a dog runs after a car.
    OLED technologies have a lot of potential, this is something that even Steve Jobs said but I think that LED is still a better solution. But just like him I think that some day OLEDs can replace LEDs because of their efficiency. And AMOLEDs are even better from the technological point of view because they don’t need an extra panel to recognize multi touch gestures.

  3. I was just bout to say that it’s plain stupid to just do that cause who’d be able to tell if the eye can’t tell the difference but I like @d2fce3a46a2bf905a414fac7b7c6b88d:disqus answer better. I not really knowledgeable about shit like this so I
    kinda thought that long as you make the screen bigger and wilder that it
    would be retina since it’s pixels are greater than 326ppi but now after reading what he said, I have to agree. Just cause you
    do it doesn’t mean it’s going to look better. It’s probably more to that and although I don’t care about the process involved to do it, if Samsung just pixel density higher and not actually work on everything else then they want beat Apple.
    Note: Not a Apple Head so I really could care less. I’d be glad if they pulled it off the right way cause I already feel to many people riding Apple hard already. Not saying it’s a reason not to be but just saying.

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