The future is here and, in this particular instance, was assembled in December 2012. Folks have had a second go at last week’s iPhone next spy photos, uncovering the iPhone 5S chip will indeed be a TSMC manufactured A7 processor.

Last week’s iPhone 5S spy photos have been retaken and re-examined. MacRumors’ source for the images has provided detail focussed pics, which have revealed more information about Apple’s upcoming smartphone revision:

• Camera flash will indeed be dual-LED

• iPhone 5S chip will indeed be the A7 processor


• Chip carries the APL0698 model number
— Apple numbered the A6, APL0598, and A6X, APL5598

• Chip marked with “K” (K1A0062) identifier, which is new (i.e. TSMC?)
— Previous, Samsung fabbed Apple chips carried “N” identifiers

That’s a hole lot circumstantial this and speculated that — MacRumors believes this particular iPhone 5S prototype was assembled in December 2012.

Add it all up and iPhone 5S rumors are coalescing into a product very much in line with previous Apple smartphone updates. Though one should never discount Cupertino’s ability to surprise and delight, whether under Steve Jobs or Tim Cook, Apple is a creature of habit.

Liking what you see or are you reserving judgement until Apple ships the real iPhone 5S this Fall?

Via Electronista


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