As the event in September everyone is waiting rapidly approaches, more and more details about the iPhone 5S device Apple are expected to launch are becoming clear, such as the latest rumours speculating it will be offered in a gold colour option.

iphone 5s

Previous reports have suggested that the iPhone 5S home button was to protrude out from the device in order for it to act as a fingerprint scanner. However, sources that have apparently used the device say that this isn’t the case at all.

“Also contrary to recent talk, the new Home button’s design will not be noticeably convex. Perhaps the shape has changed, but the tweaked button is nothing distinct enough for the iPhone 5S to be identified as anything but an iPhone 5 by the untrained eye. There’s the possibility, however, that the etching and border of the Home button could become more shiny and look slightly different.”

iPhone 5S – The S is really for Fingerprint Scanner

Furthermore, it appears that the reason the rumoured fingerprint sensor is yet to leak, unlike much of the other iPhone 5S components, is because Apple has been especially secret about the feature, even leaving it off the prototypes to ensure it remains undiscovered.

The real only hard evidence that a fingerprint scanner was ever considered for the home button was code strings left behind in recent iOS 7 betas. Other than this, the feature is simply just a rumour, but one various sources are saying will actually make it onto the iPhone 5S.

Hardware is only half the story when it comes to Apple releases – you can expect further undocumented and unannounced features being released in the iOS 7 GM build, which is expected to be released on September 10th along with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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