iPhone 5S

Rumours of the upcoming iPhone 5S have been increasing, and it’s inevitable given it’s expected to land this summer. Even WWDC 2013 has been predicted, with previous years revealing a new iPhone, the iPhone 5S release can even be predicted.

But what has remained relatively a mystery up until now is the specifications, and if the iPhone 5S will just simply be a speed bump like previous ‘S’ designated models, or if Apple will take the opportunity to revise the design and introduce something completely new. That question may have begun to be answered with recent leaks of the upcoming iPhone; pictures of what is claimed to be the iPhone 5S motherboard have found their way onto the Internet.


On the surface it looks no different to any other chip found in the previous generations of iPhone, or even iPad, except the generation number – A7. Whilst no other changes can be determined from the picture, assuming it isn’t just a photoshop fake, it would appear to adhere to the speed bump rumours everyone is expecting with the iPhone 5.

According to the source of the leak, the iPhone 5S is reportedly expected to come with a few other improvements: 2GB of RAM, updated Siri support for more languages, and an improved camera.

It is certainly the speed bump we were expecting, laying claim that these leaks could be true, but with the internals of the iPhone 5S looking really no different to the iPhone 5 – I mean RAM’s RAM right? – it is difficult to validate these images as anything other than a quick Photoshop job.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be announced in the summer at WWDC 2013, and if these rumours are true, will have little to no visual changes compared to the current iPhone 5, but will sport significant performance improvements that will entice everybody into upgrading.

[Source: DroidGator]

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