With the iPhone 5S release rapidly approaching at the September 10th event, it’s of no surprise that the leaks begin to ramp up. It seems the iPhone 5S leaks are becoming more frequent as each day passes, and today is no different, with probably the most solid leak emerging.

It seems Apple has accidentally revealed that the iPhone 5S does in fact exist having prematurely revealed it on their Hungarian website.


Well-known smartphone rumour tipster Evleaks found Apple’s Hungarian Website originally listed a Kate Spade case for the iPhone 5S. The site has since been updated to show that it is a iPhone 5 case, even though it originally stated iPhone 5S. All cached references to the iPhone 5S have also been cleared.

iPhone 5S Confirmed

The sites URL however still reads iPhone 5S, which unless as the inventory system somehow appends a random ‘S’ to the iPhone 5, confirms the next generation of iPhone will be the iPhone 5S.

Additionally, the Apple site for French Canadians showed off a 3M privacy filter for the iPhone 5S. The page has now been pulled, but some caches of the page still remain.



In the source code for the page it read:

Le filtre de confidentialité 3M™ pour iPhone 5S avec fini lustré intègre la technologie microvolets 3M et vous…

Which Google translates to:

The privacy filter 3M ™ iPhone 5S with gloss finish incorporates microshutters 3M technology and you … $ 29.95. Ready for shipment: 1 to 2 months.

It seems that Apple let slip its big secret and have infact confirmed the existence of the iPhone 5S that is reportedly due to be released on September 10th alongside iOS 7.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments section below. What this a huge coincidence and just a massive inappropriate spelling mistake, or did Apple just confirm the iPhone 5S exists?

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