In a world where phone displays just seem to be getting bigger and bigger, Martin Hajek has mocked up a concept showing the iPhone 6 with a 4.6 display that stretches from edge-to-edge, together with an aluminium Unibody chassis with anodized black and silver back.

iphone 6

You’ll notice straight away that the iPhone 6 has gotten rid of the home button – something that has been rumoured for a long time on previous iPhone models.

iphone 6

The design should also look familiar amongst the Galaxy S3 owners amongst our readers, adopting a very similar front design to the Samsung competitor.

iphone 6

The image above shows off the mock iPhone 6 concept compared against the current iPhone 5, together with a 4-inch version of the iPhone 6.

Vertically, the iPhone 6 is no longer than the current iPhone 5 as the added screen real-estate comes from expanding the screen horizontally and removing the bezels around the edge.

The added screen size would certainly take gaming and watching movies to the next level with the iPhone 6, but it does come incredibly close to the iPad Mini territory. For me, 4 inches is the perfect size for a phone, with anything demanding a bigger screen finding myself switching to the iPad Mini.

I had the Samsung Galaxy S3 for all of about a week, which measures in at 4.6 inches, and simply couldn’t get on with it due to the sheer size of the device.

If Apple where to introduce a larger screen, they would undoubtedly have to modify the aspect ratio once again, causing developers further work to optimise their Apps for the bigger screen, of which some have still not done for the iPhone 5.

But, of course, my taste is just personal. What do you guys think? Would you like an iPhone 6 with a bigger display? It certainly looks the part, but would it sell?


  1. I would go for the smaller version of the 6 up there ^. The one on the far right looks WAY too big

  2. I can’t believe you think a 4.6″ screen is too big… I’ve used the Galaxy S2 (Sprint) which was 4.5″ and even tried the Iphone 5 but found it to be too small to read web pages. I use my phone more as an internet device than a phone so size is very important to me. If Apple released a bigger Iphone, I would go for it. Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t introduce different sizes like they do every other device. Some people like the original size, some like the new size and even more want a bigger phone. However, it may be a year or two before that happens so I’ll be going with the HTC One (4.7″) when it comes out later this month. I think 4.7/4.8 are about the right size.

  3. edge-to-edge isn’t a reality… but I don’t doubt Apple will come out with the first edge-to-edge phone

  4. You don’t think? What makes you think we’re not quite there with edge-to-edge displays yet?
    I definitely agree though, that when it does happen, Apple will be the first.

  5. 4.7+ inches is only 3 inches less than my iPad Mini. That just is a bit too close for my liking, and I can barely then justify having two devices almost the same size.

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