iPhone 6 Plus: Apple To Finally Repair Screen Glitches

Apple has at long last recognized that there indeed is a screen issue with its iPhone 6 Plus. The problem is that users of the iPhone 6 Plus have been facing touch display problems that make the iPhone 6 Plus’s screen glitch out and wind up noticeably lethargic. US-based iFixit repair staff has dubbed the issue the “touch disease” in August of 2016.

The “disease” basically creates a dim glinting bar at the top of the user’s screen display. The presence of the issue had been known for a considerable length of time, but Apple had declined to acknowledge the issue or offer any arrangement past its standard out-of-guarantee substitution benefit that comes with the warranty that comes with a brand new iPhone 6 Plus. The only service Apple provided users before was an offer to swap a harmed iPhone 6 Plus for a repaired one at a cost of around $519.

However, there is good news for users who experience these issues, as of since Friday, Apple has announced they will repair iPhone 6 Plus devices that have been influenced with and/or experience the touch screen issues for an administration expense of just $229.

Furthermore, to qualify, in any case, the users iPhone 6 Plus should be in “working order”. In addition to that, the display screen on the device has to be in perfect condition, and not cracked or broken.