iPhone 6 spy photos

If the image is clear and shows lots of detail, then it quite obviously is not a real iPhone 6 spy photo. That said, the iPhone 6 spy photos Tapscape has tracked down are as genuine as they get.

When it comes to Apple rumors, China’s Sina Weibo has replaced DigiTimes as the go-to source — no compromise (*cough*) in quality!

These shaky cameraphone snaps were purportedly taken inside at Foxconn, Apple’s lead iPhone assembler in China. The device captured includes a slim chassis, rounded corners and slightly protruding camera lens.

A bulging lens assembly might seem like a miss, but the current generation iPod touch, which is very thin, indeed, includes a camera configuration.

The “iPhone 6” shown would seem to be a bit taller and wider than Apple’s currently flagship smarthphone, the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6-ish Enough?

For what it is worth, MacRumors notes that the camera flash pictured is rounded rather than pill-shaped. This detail does, in fact, appear to wrong.

For example, Apple added a pill-shaped (dual LED) True Tone flash to the iPhone 5s, which greatly improves the quality of photos taken in low-light situations. That is a material advantage Apple would be highly unlikely to remove from the iPhone 6.

True Tone flash is a feature that helps the iPhone 5s’ 8MP deliver consistently superior pictures compared to the competition, which relies on absurdly high, up to 41MP, pixel counts.

The most consistent rumors to date indicate Apple is planning to release two iPhones this year, one that’s 4.7 inches and second “phablet” style model sized at 5.5 inches. The above would appear to be the smaller of the two.

And, there you have it. Blurry enough for you? Are enough potentially convincing details obfuscated and hidden from scrutiny? Yeah, it kind of looks like that…

What’s your take?

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