One of the great things about being an Apple iThing user and fan is the simple fact that so many of the rest of us have mad, mad creative skillz. That said, check out the Home Button free iPhone 7, beautiful and functional.

It is widely believed that the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 will ship with Apple’s critically acclaimed Force Touch haptic feedback system built into the device’s display. That got deviantartist Studio Monroe thinking about what that would mean vis-a-vis design.

His shocking conclusion? The iPhone 7 could very well be the first iPhone ever without a Home Button (image below). Yes, it still looks like an iPhone, but because this Apple smartphone will include Force Touch technology, there is no need for the once ubiquitous Home Button.

Or, so goes the story according to Studio Monroe.

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What about Apple’s other cutting edge technology, Touch ID, which uses a fingerprint sensor built into the Home Button? It’s thought that Apple could implement Touch ID in the display area of an iPhone.

Too crazy? Apple has a long history of killing off successful products, seamingly in their prime, in favor of radically new technologies that have proven even more successful, like the hard disk-based iPod mini in favor of the Flash memory-based iPod nano.

What do you think? Will Apple kill the Home Button in iPhone 7 or is it an integral part of the iPhone design ethos?

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Via: BGR


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